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With a current membership of over 45 organizations, the Environmental Justice Leadership Forum on Climate Change is working to mobilize and facilitate a national working group of environmental justice advocates who will interact with identified scientists/academics and representatives of mainstream environmental groups to catalyze and inform state and federal, political and legislative action that will result in the development of just policies and mechanisms that equitably reduce carbon emissions in all communities.

Working Primarily at the National Level:

  • Holding national meetings to convene the forum members (includes education activities, developing position papers and developing campaign strategies)
  • Providing congressional leaders and staff with an environmental justice perspective on climate change through educational initiatives (briefings)
  • Conducting a media campaign to inform the general public about the effects of climate justice on
    communities of color and low income

 Working Also at the Regional Level:



  • Supporting the climate change work of forum member organizations by supporting their local initiatives, providing testimony, and co-hosting educational meetings/workshops

The Northeast Regional Coalition for Climate Justice
The Advancing Climate Justice Initiative

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