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At only $25 per year, being a Member of WE ACT entitles you to the following benefits: 

  • Prime access to WE ACT’s publications and environmental health and justice materials 
  • Waived or discounted admission to certain WE ACT events and activities 
  • Early Bird invitations to key WE ACT events or activities 
  • Free counseling on select environmental issues 
  • An opportunity to help shape policies and make demands that would further the organization’s mission and improve the environment and health of residents in Northern Manhattan and beyond 
  • The opportunity to participate in activities and events that builds the Northern Manhattan community’s power to fight environmental injustice and racism 
  • Participation in key activities and events that create the framework and implementation plan for safe, healthy and livable communities of color 

To become a Member of WE ACT, fill out our "Membership Application Form" (PDF) in English or in Spanish.

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