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 Asthma Hospitalization Rates by Neighborhood Children Aged 0-14, New York City, 2000

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Short Description: The asthma hospitalization rates by ZIP code and UHF neighborhood for children 0-14 years old in New York City in 2000.

Data Details: The basemap polygons are 1990 US Census Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Code boundaries. The green spaces (parks, cemetaries, etc.) were derived from US Census landmark shapefiles. The dataset was obtained from friends at, the website of the Asthma Information Outreach Project, as released by the New York City Department of Health (DOH) in August 2001. The legend is classified in quantiles. The neighborhood names were defined by the United Hospital Fund (UHF), and are considered to be UHF Neighborhoods. Magnetic north is up.

Credits: Map prepared by Carlos M. Jusino at West Harlem Environmental Action, Inc. (WE ACT) with assistance from INFORM, Inc., using ArcView® GIS v3.1 software from the Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI).

Support: Funded in part by the former W. Alton Jones Foundation (now Blue Moon Fund), The New York Community Trust, and by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

Map Maker’s Notes: Staten Island is not to scale.

This map represents data summarized by United Hospital Fund (UHF) neighborhoods and displayed using each neighborhood's respective Zone Improvement Plan (ZIP) Codes as designated by UHF.

Port Morris in the South Bronx is not strictly considered a UHF Neighborhood but has been included on this map as an additional point of reference.

The airplane over JFK airport faces northeast due to it being an international airport. The airplane over La Guardia airport faces west due to it being a domestic airport.

This map was designed to complement the data graph produced by the New York City Department of Health (DOH) that is available as Figure 16 (page 17) on their "Asthma Facts: Second Edition" publication.

This map is featured in the Clean Cities website and was provided as a deliverable at their National Alternative Fuels Day and Environmental Summit (April 2002). 


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